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Water Sports

Potos Beach,
Thassos Island,
Greece 64002

Boat Rentals

Potos & Limenaria,
Thassos Island,
Greece 64002

Boat Rental Contract


Terms & Condtions

1. No boat-driving license is required for renting a boat with an engine of or less than 30HP.

2. Fuel is NOT included in the renting price.

3. Renting a boat under the age of eighteen (18) is prohibited.

4. In case of departing after 10:00, for those renting the boat for eight (8) hours, or after 14:00, for those who rent the boat for four (4) hours, the time of return remains 18:00.

5. Information and observance of security measures are necessary.

6. All boats are insured against thirds.

7. Sailing regulations must be followed, the relevant guide is found on each boat.

8. The maximum travelling distance from the coast is two (2) sea miles.

9. The maximum number of allowed passengers is seven (7) for the “ANAX” boats and five (5) for the boats “TRIANTAFYLLOS S.K. 142 A “and” DELFINI S.K. 170 A ».

10. No change of passengers is allowed.

11. Booking deposits should be at least 50% of the total price of the booking.

12. There are no returns in case of a possible cancelation of the booking.

13. In case of bad weather conditions and prohibition of sailing by the competent authorities, there are no returns of the deposit and the boat rental takes place on the following allowed date.

14. Before renting the boat, it’s the customer’s responsibility to check for any possible damage of the boat or its equipment.

15. In case of any material damage of the boat or its equipment, or loss of any part of the boat’s equipment, customers are charged the cost to replace or fix it.

16. The registered tenant has the total responsibility of the boat and, consequently, the responsibility for any possible physical injuries occurred on any of the passengers.

17. In case of loss of personal belongings during the rental, the company does not bear any responsibility.

18. On the day of renting you should carry a valid copy of your identification or passport with you.

19. Customers should be in place of rental at least half an hour before their departure for relevant information.

20. All information given on this contract must be precise and true.

21. Customers are obliged to seek guidance during the whole time of renting from the provided map of the area and its instructions of use.

22. In case any of the aforementioned conditions are not followed, the rental will be rejected or cancelled without any refunds.

23. By signing this contract, the registered customer thoroughly understands and accepts all the aforementioned terms and conditions.

24. The Greek Courts and specifically the courts of the Court of First Instance of Kavala will have jurisdiction.

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